Gender and Information Communication Technology Survey Toolkit - XLSform

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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

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This XLSform has operationalizes the Gender and ICT Survey Toolkit’s six modules into an easily customizable survey tool that can be immediately integrated with a suite of survey platforms, including, but not limited to, Open Data Kit, Formhub, Ona and SurveyCTO. Simply upload to a XLSform compatible platform, such as, and deploy with your survey application, such as ODK Collect. Customization of the toolkit can make it more useful depending on data collection needs. For more information about XLSforms, please see additional resources here.

USAID staff, as well as contractors, and recipients of USAID assistance awards (e.g. grants and cooperative agreements) utilizing the Gender and ICT Survey Toolkit must submit datasets to the Development Data Library (DDL) in accordance with the terms and conditions of their awards. When entering the DDL submission, in the Tag (Keywords) section, please add “Gender and ICT Survey Toolkit.”

If data is collected using the Gender and ICT Survey Toolkit not related to a USAID award, please send the dataset to