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Digital technologies and services have the potential to accelerate economic growth and build more resilient societies, but only if every person can access and use the internet. Despite unprecedented growth, over 55 percent of the world’s population is still not online—leaving over 4 billion people, 90 percent of whom live in developing countries, without the life-changing opportunities that the internet provides.

The U.S. Global Development Lab’s Digital Inclusion team works to reduce this digital divide by investing in programs that seek to achieve universal access and meaningful use of the internet. The Digital Inclusion team sits within the Center for Digital Development.

Our Team

USAID's Digital Inclusion team works to bridge the digital divide by increasing digital inclusion and ensuring affordable access to relvant mobile and internet technologies. To learn more about their work or request a technical assessment, please contact them directly at

Jonathan Dolan
Joe Duncan
John Garrity
Erica Gendell
Matthew Hulse
Thomas Koutsky
Olu Olutola

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The team works closely with USAID's Africa Broadband Partnership (ABP) program and via formal partnerships with NetHope and the mSTAR project at FHI360.

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Interested in learning more about USAID's digital inclusion efforts? Want to know how digital inclusion can benefit your mission or program? Please contact us to speak with an expert on our team via the button below or by emailing:

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